Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Too cute not to make

Gotta try making this. Maybe put one in this. There is so much great stuff out there to make!
Found another something great to make, and another! Ok, time to turn off the computer and bust out the glue.

Ok one more. That's it. I swear.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Goals and ideas: 121 things in 1210 days

Through my ridiculously congested blog surfing today, I came across this. I can't help but think this is a great idea for me too. A chance to focus on things that I want to do for me, my family, my friends and my community...So, to borrow an inspirational idea (and organizational structure) here it goes:

The first 26

Knit lace with lace weight yarn
Knit myself a sweater
Send 20 baby hats to Children's hospital at Egleston in Atlanta
make these Inca Alpaca Mitts
submit original design to Knitty for consideration

General Craftyness
learn a new medium
participate in Project Spectrum
do a swap
sew a growth chart for little one
Get 3 artscout buttons

Learn to compost
Use a clothesline on sunny days
Plant a food garden

Give handmade gifts (made by me or someone else)

Get back on pointe shoes
Take a class in New York

Get up 15 minutes earlier, make a cup of coffee and start the day before anyone else is up.
Walk to Homeschool Co-0p at least 2/4 times a month
Make a calendar of everyone's birthdays
Take little one on walks atleast once a week
Make a nature table
Organize playroom and make it cute
Paint Kitchen
Decorate little one's room as a garden
Read Walden

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I am so proud.

In another, somewhat unrelated thought, how do I get this over here?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Elephants, bears, and monkeys -- oh my!

This weekend I had my first solo table at a craft show. It was a little bit John Watters-esque. I got there and set up with my dad -- he made me laugh like a crazy person, and we thought for sure we would be asked to leave before the show officially began. Well, things kicked off at 10 with an accordion player (!!). It was pretty cold on Saturday, but with my fingerless gloves on, I managed to get in some knitting. Also, a steady stream of friends stopped by to chat with me, making the time fly by. A few highlight moments...

Smokey and the 911 Elephant stopped by to say hello...

A man with a tiny monkey strolled by -- it was his hat that caught my eye first...then the monkey.

Little one and my Sweetie pie came over and hung out for a while too, although for little one, the draw was the playground.

So, not the of shows, but all in all a nice way to spend Saturday.

Oh, and HANDS-DOWN the best popcorn I have ever had. Two bags full.

Also, started the mass production of tomato sauce. There is this really nice woman at the farmers market that gives me all of her battered or bruised tomatoes at the end of the day. I take them home an make sauce out of them. Usually she has 4 or 5. This time, she had an entire file box full of tomatoes! So...

9 bottles of sauce! Thanks Crystal! (ok, you can tell by the date on the jars that I did these last weekend. I just forgot about telling you until today. So, pretend that I did it this weekend and wonder -- where, oh where does she find the time to do all of this!)

Also, just started working on little one's Halloween costume. She wants to be JoJo -- nice easy costume. Started sewing up the pants last night. Here is the fabric .

I took 2 colors of flannel and made stripes then cut the pants from that. More pictures to follow as the costume progresses. I just realized that I have to have it finished by Saturday. That is when the town parade is, and trick-or-treating at the shops.

As usually happens this time of year, when the weather goes from 80 degrees to 59 degrees in the course of 2 days, we all have raging colds. So, we have been hanging out, not doing much today -- couple of painting projects and the like. Can't wait to have my nose stop running.

Going over to the fam's house for dinner tonight. I'm going to bring the lasagna and some rolls (never made this kind of roll before. I'll let you know how it turns out.) This is my Gramma's last night in town before she heads back out to Arizona. I miss her when she's so far away. Her visits always fly by. They are just too short. Even if they were longer, they would still be too short, you know?

I think it's time to shape the rolls. If they turn out pretty, I'll take a picture. If they turn out nasty, no one will know but us, ok?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Husband's shirts: beware!!

Love this! Thinking I might pilfer from the closet this week.