Friday, April 18, 2008

a robin, a clydesdale, and an embroidery hoop

Every day at 1:40pm, a little fat robin comes to the window in our playroom. I named him Christopher. I'm still trying to take his picture, but he is very quick! Spring is cool.

Wednesday, my new friend and I went to lunch with little one, which turned into a walk, which turned into hanging out in the backyard, drinking iced tea and watching little one pick dandylions. It was just such a blast to hang out with someone so smart and funny and well...genuine. I am so glad I met her.

We tried more kid art too. Little one did her first emboidery project on burlap ala The Creative Family. Soule Mama does it again. I wasn't sure how it was going to go, but after showing little one how it works, she sewed away happily for like 45 minutes! I embroidered a few napkins while she sewed. At one point, I looked over at her with her little hoop then down at my own hoop, and thought, Wow. This is really cool. She keeps asking to play "sewing" again. How can I refuse?

Oh, and one more for the Random What-A-Cool-Town-I-Live-In File. Yesterday, realizing we were low on milk, little one and I trekked to the grocery store (where I got to use my new eco-bag for the first time.) Anyway, as we are walking up, we see a group of people clustering around something...It was a huge Clydesdale! Enormous feathery legs and all! His name was Rudy. Not something we expected to see, for sure! Now little one is wondering why all the other barnyard animals don't come visit the grocery store. (I don't want to explain that they are shrink wrapped inside, just yet.) She loved seeing the horse and is talking now about riding one -- but not one as big as Rudy. Maybe one the size of our 20 lb dog.

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