Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer!! It's summer!! Sort of!!

Well, we have made it through our first official year homeschooling. There were field trips and ballet recitals and library visits and lots and lots of glue projects. It's been wonderful and I am so happy with the choice we made to do this. I'll give you details as the summer goes on, but for today, I want to share a knitting project I've been working on.

My Gramma has been knitting for 65 years. She doesn't do it much anymore as it really is hard on her hands, but knitting has always been there for her. Especially when life gets challenging. It is her constant. It has become that for me, too. Recently, she gave me all of the yarn she's been saving in her attic and eaves, collecting it for most of those 65 years. My house has been insulated with this beautiful yarn for a while now, and I finally decided that it is'nt doing anyone any good sitting in a plastic tub out of sight. So I am knitting it up. Most of it. Some of it I'll pass along...My Gramma likes a good sale, and well, sometimes there is a reason the yarn is on sale. I recently finished a project for my little one, that I'd love to show you.

It is Helena and with a few changes to the pattern, I managed to use all of the yarn except for about 13". I made the button band thinner and knit the sleeves last, dividing up all the yarn that was left. I was so happy with the way it fit and that the color was so great on my girl.

Well, the sweater sat in my work basket for a while, waiting for the "perfect" buttons. Yesterday I figued out the solution. I went into the top drawer of my Great-great grandmother's sewing machine (the one she used to sew flour sacks for their store,)and looked through her buttons. She gave the sewing machine (and those buttons) to her daugter -- my Great Grandma-- a wonderful woman who lived more than a hundred years and taught me cursive. She then gave it to her daughter -- my Gramma. Then from Gramma to my Mom, and Mom to me. All of us had touched those buttons. So, I pulled out 3 of them. I wonder what they were on before they made it to the button drawer.

Now they are on the sweater, made from my Gramma's yarn, on her needles, I knit for my little girl.

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A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your little sweater is so beautiful! I love the story behind the yarn and the buttons - very special indeed.

Enjoy your summer break!