Monday, May 19, 2008

Special Dinners

Mom and Dad and Gramma came over for dinner last night. There was chicken on the grill, homemade sweet potato fries, a big green salad and brussels sprouts with mushrooms (no, little one wouldn't eat the brussels sprouts, but Dad and I love them.) Little cute chocolate mini bundt cakes for dessert. No special occasion, just dinner on a day that ends in "y." But to have Gramma over, and Mom and Dad, well, that felt good. So we ate in the dining room (!!) with the pretty antique lace table cloth from my Great Gramma. Little one made napkin rings for the occasion.

She painted a paper towel tube and added glitter. I cut them into rings for her. She was very proud and so was I. I think we should use them often for fancy dinners with the 3 of us.

The paper towel tube was the last one in our house -- hopefully for a long time. In an effort to stop filling up the world with our trash, the fam and I have tried to eliminate most paper goods from our house. Ok, I say most, but even as I type this, I know that's not exactly true. There are some paper things that I have no desire to ever stop using. I have never been a Sears catalog kind of girl, if you catch my drift. Anyway, we are using little cotton washcloths instead of paper towels. It's kind of cool. I make them from this fabulously cheap yarn. I have a this book and I just pick out a stitch pattern and try it out for 5 inches by 7 inches. Useful and instructive. While we are talking about yarn, tomorrow, the Moms and I are getting together and I am going to teach them to knit. I am so excited. The more knitting friends I have, the fewer people that will be annoyed by my constant chatter about fiber content and process vs. project oriented knitting. The bonus is that we are going to take all of the squares we make and sew them into a blanket to donate to the kids in the local foster system. So, all in all, a great idea, right? *Nice bonus: to practice teaching people how to knit, I used my husband as a guinea pig. He has just finished his first 3 rows! He was going to put it down to go pick up some stuff from the store and he says to me, "Just one more row." Be still my heart!

Found this book today at Mom and Dad's house. My Gramma read it to little one. It was my fave book when I was 3. Cool.

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