Thursday, May 22, 2008


Little one and I and our friends went to a farm today. There were so many wonderful animals to see...a bunny, a goat, a dog, a zillion cats and 3 beautiful ponies. So, little one and her other teeny tiny 3 year old friends climbed on the backs of these ponies and rode them all over this farm! What a sight! She was laughing the entire time. On the way home, she retold the story of the pony ride. In the rocking chair before naptime, she retold the story. In bed before closing her eyes at naptime, she retold me the story. I think this made a big impression, don't you?

Another plus was getting to see a real cat, up close and personal. Might not sound like much, but little one LOVES cats (or as she calls them, yiiies.)

I think this was the only time all day that either one of them sat still. So happy I had the camera out.

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