Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Missed you.

Time has flown by. Little one turned three last week. There was a flurry of fun leading up to the day, and then she had the extended birthday celebration WEEK because her birthday fell midweek and her party was on the weekend. So much fun.

We went to the zoo on the actual birthday and saw a ton of animals. Her two faves: an ocelot, and the buffalo. I think I may have influenced the second favorite animal. You see, I had never seen a buffalo up close and personal. Their faces are HUGE! I mean, I know they are big animals, but their proportion to their bodies...staggering. I think it should become a unit of measurement. Bigger than a buffalo's face, I tell you. Anyway, I went on and on about the buffalo's face so that became a fave story for little one, too.

Saturday was the purple party day. So cute. 5 little kids running around the backyard shaking pompoms and covering themselves in sand from the sandbox. So much fun to sit back and watch them all. I can't believe my tiny little baby is 3. The time is wizzing by.

So, today I started cutting out the material for the costumes for our dance studio's spring recital. 4 little Madeline coats. It's fun. I'm trading sewing for ballet classes. What a great deal for me. Do something I like -- get paid by doing more of something I like. Perfect situation!

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